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Certified Software Asset Manager


This course prepares you for the exam leading to the IAITAM Certified Software Asset Management Certification. 

The Certified Software Asset Manager (CSAM) course represents the culmination of ever changing software information, laws and regulations as promulgated in the past and directs focus to the new standards covering software applications and the severe detriments of not being aware of and adhering to current and proposed regulatory mandates.

Attendees will learn the importance of Software Asset Management in today’s dynamic IT Asset Management (ITAM) environment. Never before has it been so important that there be at least one individual in an organization whose focus and training is devoted specifically to software management and the long term value and benefits derived from that knowledge. It all begins here with the CSAM course of instruction and certification designed to be a core foundation builder to any ITAM program.

All information contained within this course, as with all of International Association of Information Technology Asset Managers’ (IAITAM) courses, has been created and designed as a “how to” guideline for building an efficient and effective ITAM program for your organization. 


  • Existing software regulations, the importance of adhering to the regulations and how those regulations have effect on every aspect of current and future business endeavors
  • The importance and the steps necessary to achieve a proactive stance when dealing with software compliance
  • Communication and Education, Policy, Procedures, Project Management, Software Assets and Compliance Management
  • The importance of a well planned and executed Software Asset Management Program


IT professionals interested in learning about asset management, resource budgeting, finance, software licensing, contract management and strategic planning.


There are no prerequisites for this course.



  • This course prepares you for the 5 hour IAITAM CSAM examination. It consists of 100 questions, and a passing mark is achieved by attaining 85% or higher. The exam will be open for 28 days starting on the last day of the class.


  • The CSAM certification is subject to the IAITAM Recertification Program. For more information, visit the IAITAM website.


  • You will attain 16 professional development units (PDUs) for Project Managers

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