DevOps Certification Courses

Go Beyond Just Nebulous IT Mumbo Jumbo Speak!

Get practical guidance you can start using right away!
Pink Elephant’s New DevOps Certification Courses are very different!

We demystify DevOps and tell you what it really means to create and maintain a collaborative and highly communicative culture and an integrated set of processes.

We give you 15 must-have practices and an assessment tool to help you understand how to make real and lasting improvements.

We show you how Leadership is key to driving business value through strong DevOps processes and we provide you with a very practical 20/20 model for leading change.

2 New DevOps Certification Courses

DevOps Essentials™ Certification Course

This is the most comprehensive fundamentals level DevOps certification in the industry!

This DevOps certification course, designed by Pink Elephant, rises above the competition. The DevOps Essentials course provides fresh and unique content to make an immediate business impact including:

  • The innovative 'Full Stack' approach to DevOps
  • 15 essential DevOps practices to drive business value
  • A DevOps assessment tool to determine where you are in your DevOps journey

This course looks at building a collaborative environment between Operations and Development. Ignoring any of the three critical 'Full Stack' success factors will reduce your ability to deliver business value. You don’t want to be THAT kind of IT department!

DevOps Leadership™ Certification Course

The most business-focused DevOps leadership course – ANYWHERE!

20/20 DevOps Vision – Do You Have It? Many IT organizations are not able to take the right business steps towards a true DevOps transformation.

Pink’s DevOps Leadership course is very different – unlike competitors’ offerings, which take a simplistic and very operational view of leadership. Our course walks IT leaders through a newly created Pink Elephant 20/20 Change Model that provides the missing pieces needed to move the transformation dial all the way up to realize the full business benefits of DevOps!

Build on the 'Full Stack' of DevOps

This course, designed by Pink Elephant’s expert leadership consultants, builds on the learnings from DevOps Essentials, including the unique 'Full Stack' approach to DevOps, the 15 must-have practices, and the DevOps assessment tool. All will be used to build a customized roadmap to lead cross-functional teams focused on innovation and collaboration to drive business value.

Are You In?

Did you know... Forrester Research has declared 2018 “The Year of Enterprise DevOps.”

According to Forrester, DevOps is a must-have and the focus must be on all of: culture, automation, Lean, measurement, management, sharing and sourcing.

That’s where Pink Elephant’s DevOps certification training leads the way!

DevOps Special ‘Bundle’ Offer

Bring us on-site to present the 3-day DevOps Essentials certification course, followed by the one-day DevOps In Action: The Phoenix Project interactive training workshop, and receive a 10% discount off the total.

How To Get Your Discounted “DevOps In Action” Workshop With A “DevOps Essentials” Onsite Course

Contact our Customer Service Center by:

  1. Calling 1-888-273-PINK (+1-905-331-5060)
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Raving Fans

“A great course, learned a lot... had some great discussion within the class and will certainly be implementing the things I learned.”
“Did a great job of both expanding my definition of DevOps beyond the focus of 'everything needed to make continuous integration and delivery work' by showing how a lot of ITIL® is part of that everything needed.”
“This course truly paints the whole picture of DevOps. Fascinating and inspiring!”