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Agile Project Management In Action: The Challenge of Egypt

Step back 4,000 years to Ancient Egypt in this one-day highly-interactive and educational simulated environment, where participants hone their Agile project man...

Enterprise Big Data Professional Certification Course

Big Data is a growing business field that looks at analyzing, extracting, and dealing with large amounts of data too complex to be managed. This certification c...

Business Relationship Management Professional

A very comprehensive foundation level certification course for Business Relationship Managers (BRM) at every experience level.

How To Define & Implement A CMDB According To ITIL

The CMDB provides a critical resource for almost all other ITSM disciplines. If implemented and managed correctly, the CMDB will provide valuable information ab...

Integrated Service Management Essentials™

Diving much deeper than the overview course, this 2-day certification course demonstrates how the practices of Lean, Agile, DevOps and ITIL work together with p...