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ITIL® Personal Training Pass

It’s a fact – no one offers more ITIL courses than Pink Elephant!

We have the full list of 12 official ITIL certification courses, plus an additional suite of three special Pink Elephant “How To Workshops.”

See all 15 ITIL courses here.

We know it’s sometimes difficult to get approval for more than just one or two courses each year. That makes it a real challenge when you’re keen to learn as much about ITIL as possible in the shortest period of time. Well, we have the answer – the “ITIL Super Seven Personal Pass”, and it’s SO simple!

Choose any 7 ITIL courses and take them in any order over the next 24 months (there are only a couple of rules to keep in mind – see “The Rules” below)

Option #1: ITIL Self-Paced “Super Seven” Personal Pass

Option #2: ITIL Freedom “Super Seven” Personal Pass

The Rules

  1. If you don’t already have your ITIL Foundation certificate, you’ll need to complete that course and pass the exam before proceeding to anything else.
  2. If your goal is to become an “ITIL Expert”, you’ll need to ensure you have 17 credits before taking the “ITIL Managing Across The Lifecycle” course. Check here for an explanation of the ITIL Expert Credit Scheme.

Integrated Service Management ‘Bundle’ – FREE Online Course

Purchase our new course, Integrated Service Management Essentials, and receive one of the courses listed below for FREE!

Promoting a new and unique approach to IT Service Management, Pink is offering a free self-paced online course (including exam!) with the purchase of the industry leading, Integrated Service Management Essentials certification course (public or virtual formats). This special offer will help you to, not only understand the new approach, but also expand your knowledge, scope and understanding of today’s most relevant IT best practice frameworks – ITIL, Lean IT, DevOps, Agile and more.

You can choose from the following self-paced online certification courses:

Team Passes

Bringing us to your location for training means big savings. But, if you can’t bring us to your site for training, you can still save big on our Public Education classes by purchasing your seats in bulk. Discounts vary depending on how many seats you purchase at once.

Here's how the Team Passes work:

FREE ITIL Foundation Course

Purchase an ITIL Intermediate course, at the same time as a Foundation level course, and you get an ITIL Foundation self-paced course FREE, including the exam!

For more details, click here.

To look at the current Schedule-At-A-Glance, click here.

FREE Lean IT Foundation Course

You can now be recognized as a ‘Lean IT Professional’ and use a new designation after your name – LITP.

How do you qualify? Pass the examinations for three courses – Lean IT Foundation, Lean IT Kaizen and Lean IT Leadership.

FREE Course Offer! We’re making it easy for you.

Purchase our new Lean IT Professional ‘bundle’ – all three courses at once – and get the Lean IT Foundation self-paced online course for FREE, including the exam! Here’s how to do it:

  1. Add the Lean IT Foundation self-paced course to the shopping cart
  2. Add the Lean IT Kaizen virtual or public course date you want to attend to the shopping cart
  3. Add the Lean IT Leadership virtual or public course date you want to attend to the shopping cart
  4. Enter in promo code LITP and get the Lean IT Foundation Self-Paced Course for FREE!

DevOps Special ‘Bundle’ Offer

Bring us onsite to present the three-day DevOps Essentials certification course followed by the one-day DevOps In Action business simulation, and get 10% off the business simulation.


The PinkPASS is for customers who buy a variety of products and services from Pink Elephant in large volumes. By prepaying a set amount in advance for a large volume of services, the customer receives additional funds on account. The PinkPASS customer then draws from these funds in their account over a set time period.

The PinkPASS50 is priced at $50,000 USD and the organization receives a credit for $56,250 USD on account for Pink Elephant products and services to be consumed within 12 months of date of payment.

The PinkPASS100 is priced at $100,000 USD and the organization receives a credit for $120,000 USD on account for Pink Elephant products and services to be consumed within 2 years of date of payment.

FREE Book Chapter Offer

Run Grow Transform: Integrating Business & Lean IT, a book written by Steven C. Bell, is available for purchase from Amazon. However, by special arrangement with the publisher and author, we have permission to provide you with the chapter “Understanding & Navigating The Cultural Silos Of IT Value Streams” co-authored by Pink Elephant’s own, Troy DuMoulin. Download your FREE e-copy of this chapter at My Pink.

Seasonal Special Offers

The above offers are available all year round, but we also have conference-driven early bird specials (super deals!) and seasonal offers such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, Spring Sales, and more.

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