What It Really Takes to Establish and Manage a Highly Effective Request Management Process


Jennifer Wels

Senior IT Management Consultant,
Pink Elephant

Learn from one of the world’s most experienced ITSM consultants.

With a track record of accomplishments spanning close to 30 years in the industry, Jennifer has been described as the “epitome of perfection as an instructor, consultant, and trusted professional”. She brings extensive, real-world implementation expertise to this webinar and has helped a multitude of IT organizations go beyond just ITSM theory.

In this one-hour webinar, Jennifer will include content taken from Pink Elephant’s highly-rated certification course, Integrated IT Service Management™ Essentials.

The webinar agenda includes:

  • A look at what IT service management is and how it enables business value
  • A review of what a 'process' is and its components
  • An overview of the nine ITSM processes included in the course
  • A discussion about what 'process management' is and a review of what the nine building blocks for effectively establishing and managing processes are: 1) Purpose/objectives; 2) Policies; 3) Terms and definitions; 4) Input/outputs; 5) Activities/throughputs; 6) Roles and responsibilities; 7) KPIs; 8) Process/capability integration; 9) Technology
  • An example walk-through discussion of request management and the nine components above