Troy’s Secret Lean IT Strategies for Improving ITSM Performance


Troy DuMoulin

Vice President, Research & Development,
Pink Elephant

Troy is one of the world’s foremost and respected IT service management experts and a Lean IT author.

Lean thinking and practice have significantly influenced all modern IT management frameworks, making it a crucial factor in enabling integrated IT service management. Originally derived from the manufacturing industry, these principles have been successfully applied to all industries to support prioritized waste elimination, continuous improvement, and focused value creation.

However, while many IT management models endorse continuous improvement, Lean also offers specific approaches and practical techniques. One example of this is the kaizen event that includes the activity of value stream mapping. While value stream mapping is a popular way to visualize and identify improvement opportunities, it is best applied within the context of a holistic problem-solving process. Lean/Six Sigma Kaizen events consist of five phases starting with a problem statement and progressing toward embedded improvement implementation.

In this informative webinar, Troy will position and share Lean continuous improvement techniques such as:

  • Enabling integrated ITSM with Lean best practices
  • Applying Lean principles for effective problem-solving
  • Following the full DMAIC process for sustainable improvement
  • Value stream mapping and targeted process improvement

Effectively using these related techniques can help organizations establish and sustain improvements to streamline operations, minimize unnecessary complexity, and elevate customer satisfaction to new heights.