Troy’s Secret Strategies for IT Success through the Service Catalog


Troy DuMoulin

Vice President, Research & Development,
Pink Elephant

The service catalog plays a crucial role in IT service management because it serves as a critical reference that describes all the products and services offered by IT or other departments. In a recent Service Catalog Specialist™ class, one attendee made a very bold and insightful statement “It seems to me that an organization’s successful adoption of a service management model is dependent upon and linked to the existence and/or maturity of their service catalog!”

It is hard not to acknowledge the accuracy of this statement. Many of the best practices we discuss as critical to IT service management rely on the ability of an IT service organization to describe its value proposition related to the products and services it provides to its customers.

While a service or request catalog is a step toward this goal, it typically reflects only a small subset of overall services provided to business customers and is limited in its effectiveness in moving the conversational needle from IT as a cost center to IT as a strategic business partner.

Join Troy, one of the world’s foremost ITSM and service catalog experts, in this practical webinar as he describes strategies for how organizations can establish, expand, and improve their service catalog from an initial request catalog to a holistic and value-based service catalog.