Enterprise Big Data Professional Certification Course


The insights organisations are able to glean today would have been unfathomable just a few years ago thanks to “Big Data” – extremely large volumes of data/information. But, if you aren’t harnessing Big Data properly, then instead of taking your company above the competition, it may be sinking it instead.

According to Forrester Research, between 60% and 73% of all data within an enterprise goes unused for analytics. Don’t let this be your organisation!

The Enterprise Big Data Professional course is based on APMG’s Big Data Framework education and certification scheme. The course will teach you about Big Data architectures, technologies and processes and includes practical examples from real-world situations to help you understand how to maximise the potential of enterprise big data to stay a step (or two!) ahead of the competition.


Upon completing this course you will be able to:

  • Explain the history and context of big data in comparison to traditional data analysis techniques and solutions.
  • Describe the fundamental characteristics of data analysis, big data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence – and the differences between these concepts.
  • Describe how to formulate a Big Data strategy that underpins the business drivers of Big Data and Big Data solutions in order to capture the value proposition of Big Data.
  • Discuss the high-level principles and design elements of contemporary Big Data architectures and explain their core benefits
  • Explain fundamental Big Data algorithms and processing techniques in order to select the appropriate techniques to solve practical Big Data problems.
  • Identify how to apply the Big Data processes that are necessary in enterprise organisations to capture value from massive quantities of data.
  • Explain key functions, roles and competences in organisations that are necessary to capture long-term value from Big Data
  • Understand the importance and concept of Artificial Intelligence and how it relates to Big Data methods and solutions

This qualification is aimed at individuals who are involved in enterprise Big Data analysis, who require a working knowledge of the principles behind Big Data, and who need to know the terminology used as well as some of the theory behind the practice. The target audience includes:

  • Data Analysts
  • Business Analysts
  • IT Advisors
  • IT Professionals

There are no prerequisites for this course.


  • This course prepares you for the examination leading to the Enterprise Big Data Professional certificate.
  • For traditional, live classroom and onsite presentations, the exam is scheduled during the last day of class. It is a 90-minute, 60-question, multiple-choice exam.
  • For virtual, online instructor-led courses, you will receive an exam voucher to take the exam online after you have completed the course.
  • The Enterprise Big Data Professional examination is administered and marked by APMG. You must attain a passing mark of 65% to attain your certificate

Material for this course will only be provided as downloadable soft-copy files that can be viewed on a variety of devices. Attendees may print a hard copy of the files in whatever format best meets their needs, and can use the files under the Pink Elephant Terms of Use.


Materials included with this course provide a very good overview of the concepts and principles, and adequately prepare attendees for the exam.


Many of our courses are available in Virtual format – meaning you just need a good Internet connection and a comfortable location with minimal distractions to attend. Courses are usually presented from 9:00am to 4:00pm each day. When you register for the course, you will receive more detailed information.


All Pink Elephant’s courses, including this one, can be presented at your location. For more details, contact 65 3158 4294 or information.asia@pinkelephant.com.

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Course Summary

Duration (Public / In-House):
2 Days

Formats Offered:
  • Live Classroom
  • Web-Based
  • Live Classroom
  • Web-Based

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