Organizational Change Management Applied

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  • Public / In-House: 2 Days
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Driving and inspiring change is a challenge for most organizations. But successful change can be achieved if a proven method for introducing and establishing the change is followed.

The problem is, there is no magic bullet to ensure change is embraced within an organization, because change management programs depend on several influencing factors such as industry, culture, and the achievement of business goals. Many projects fail due to individual, organizational, and cultural factors that are not adequately understood or addressed. As a result, people are unable or unwilling to embrace and sustain change. Understanding and managing these factors and their complex interactions are all critical factors to achieving successful change within an organization.

In recognition of a deep need expressed within the IT industry, Pink Elephant has redesigned its organizational change management portfolio to better meet the demands faced by today's IT and business professionals.

Pink's portfolio includes:

Organizational Change Management Essentials – Learn the core concepts and practices intrinsic to organizational change management, as well as how to gain employee commitment and overcome resistance. Participants will gain knowledge of techniques for inspiring and leading staff to embrace and sustain change to keep the organization moving in the right direction.

Organizational Change Management Applied – This course goes beyond what is learned in Organizational Change Management Essentials and, using Pink's 20/20 change model, participants will engage in many practical exercises to apply best practices for leading change.


Many organizational change management courses focus on the research, theory, frameworks, and models available to understand the dynamics of people responding to change. While these items are important, most courses do not relate what is learned to the practice of leading an organizational change management effort. This two-day course goes beyond theory and provides actionable advice and tools for leading the people side of a change initiative.

Organizational Change Management Applied follows the Pink Elephant 20/20 change model to provide a structured approach to leading the organizational change work stream of a change project/program. Experiential learning is utilized to help participants embed the 20/20 change model into their daily work patterns. Using a case study, participants will work through a series of exercises that enable them to experiment with and practice applying the comprehensive framework. This will be followed by facilitated discussions built around Kolb's experiential learning (which builds on the concepts covered in Organizational Change Management Essentials) and helps to ensure the change initiative is adopted by all employees.

This course also fully prepares you for the exam leading to the Organizational Change Management Applied certification.


  • This is an experiential course where participants apply learnings through collaborating with other participants to complete exercises related to a case study. All templates used in the exercises are valuable tools for participants to use in their future organizational change management initiatives.
  • By using the Pink 20/20 model as a framework, we define why a change is necessary and why getting the right leadership support is important, as well as detailing how to plan for the change, execute the change plan, and ensure the change is sustained in the organization. We show you how to actually apply what you've learned in class to your organization.
  • Learning objectives for this course are more focused than those for other courses. When we developed this course, we drilled down and only included the sources necessary for creating a true flow of information that will help participants understand the people side of change, as well as how to lead an organization through the people side of any project.

Building on the knowledge of individual, team, and organizational responses to change, participants will learn how to:

  • Use the Pink Elephant 20/20 organizational change model to lead a change initiative
  • Develop an organizational change management plan to define, agree, and manage the work effort needed for the people side of a change initiative
  • Apply a SWOT analysis to understand the organization's external and internal environment to help leaders define the problem that needs to be solved and create a sense of urgency about it
  • Build an effective change leadership team and change agent network to support the initiative
  • Develop an organizational change vision, strategy, and roadmap
  • Understand why a stakeholder engagement plan is important, and what the best practices are for creating and executing an effective plan
  • Understand why communication as well as training and development plans are important, and what the best practices are for creating and executing an effective strategies and plans
  • Assess organizational change readiness to ensure the organization has the right change capacity and capability
  • Provide the right leadership style to lead the planned change activities
  • Develop quantitative and qualitative user adoption measures to show the positive effects of the people side of change
  • Identify the activities required to formally close the organizational change management initiative and transfer ownership for sustaining the change to the relevant stakeholders
  • Use the templates from the course, based on Pink Elephant's 20/20 organizational change model, and understand the many key questions you need to ask under each of the model's components

This program is designed for those who lead, manage, and/or support organizational change initiatives, including:

  • Senior managers: VPs, AVPs, directors
  • Program, project, and business managers
  • Change leaders and managers
  • Business change managers (change agents)
  • Business analysts
  • Development and planning managers
  • HR and organizational development practitioners
  • Consultants and facilitators
  • Individuals aspiring to become change managers

Students are required to have a good understanding of organizational change management theories, concepts, and models.

Pink Elephant's Organizational Change Management Essentials is an excellent prerequisite for this course; however, students may bypass this prerequisite if they have completed:

  • A foundation-level course (including passing the exam) in Organizational Change Management from a recognized training organization
  • Post-secondary studies at an accredited institution
  • Self-study that involves familiarization with all theories, concepts, and models included in this Pink paper

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please be advised that if you choose the self-study option, the onus will be on you to ensure you have the necessary and essential knowledge that is required before beginning the Organizational Change Management Applied certification course. Therefore please review this Pink paper before registering for the Organizational Change Management Applied course. There is no review of the Organizational Change Management Essentials concepts and models included in the Applied syllabus. Trainers are instructed to strictly adhere to their designated training schedule and not allow interruptions about basic Essentials knowledge.


  • The exam is offered through Professional Designations Corp.
  • One-hour, closed book
  • Consists of 20 multiple-choice questions (a passing score of 70% – 14 correct answers – is required)
  • After completion of this course, you may apply for self-directed learning PDUs through PMI. A letter of attendance is available upon request.

Material for this course will only be provided as downloadable soft-copy files that can be viewed on a variety of devices. Attendees may print a hard copy of the files in whatever format best meets their needs and can only use the files under the Pink Elephant Terms of Use.


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Course Summary

Duration :
Public / In-House: 2 Days

Formats Offered:
Public Web-Based
  • Live Classroom
  • Web-Based

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Professional Designations

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